Happy Chinese Poker

Classic poker game - chinese poker, also know as Pusoy, Xập Xám Chướng or Russian Poker. To win the game, you need strategy and luck. With the magic glasses, you could see through the cards of your opponents.

3.5 stars on App Store

Happy Chinese PokerApp Store3.5

4 stars on Google Play

Happy Chinese PokerGoogle Play4

Simply and easy chinese poker game for beginner. With icons for setting poker hands and free unlimited chips to play.

Icons for setting poker hands

When setting the three poker hands, there is icons next to the hand.  It’s useful for beginning to learn and understand the poker hands.

Free unlimited chips

When your balance below $1,000, you could get free chips by enter the chips page.

Unlimited bet for advanced users

When playing the advanced table, you could bet as much as you can for the game.

See through opponents’ cards

With the help of magic glasses, you could see through your opponents’ cards. Getting a big advantage to win.


Peacee I lovee thiss gamee .. It so fun

Asme Eddy


Renz Arante

Multitask with music!
Great app, so far the best 13 card app I’ve found. Nice graphics and features for beginners (hand organization) – and for free…


Play all the time when I don’t have anything to do, great game to kill time with…

Baddog Sr